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          Welcome to the new home of Taylor Made Gift Baskets.

We are excited about our new journey. After 25 years in the industry Jimi and
Michael sold the gift basket business and retail division of their company. It was
an awesome journey and we have some wonderful memories of clients, friends,
over the top gift baskets and of course many wonderful stories.

Our new journey will be teaching in other venues, consulting, teaching small
intimate hands on classes, and above all providing the expertise of starting a
successful business from scratch.

If you are searching for a big convention, expensive dinners, cocktail parties,
design competitions and entertainment, you are in the wrong place.

You are in the perfect place if you desire a no non-sense approach to start a gift
basket business or take your basket business to the next level.

One of our most loved venues is the 2-day intimate, small class. The classes
comes with an extensive manual of information that will be covered during the
classes. A detailed list of our suppliers is included and details on how to shop
with these vendors for the best pricing. Hand tied bows, packing containers,
designing techniques, creative wrapping, shrink-wrapping. packing and shipping
are a
MUST before leaving the classes.

My journeys and classes have shown me many talented people. However, I
realized an important ingredient missing is how to
run a business and the pricing
of merchandise.
Another important ingredient that is lost is labor charges.
Emphasis will be on
pricing the design that will return home with you.